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At Lee Pratt Beef, our producers are committed to healthy and humane beef production with livestock managed by animal welfare guidelines outlined by the AAWCS.
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Animal Welfare

Animal welfare

Animal welfare is a high priority at Lee Pratt Beef.


Australian beef is loved the world-over for its quality and consistency.


At Lee Pratt Beef, we believe that this quality does not come by chance.


It is the result of committed care to livestock production that values animal welfare and sustainable farming practices.


And we think you can taste the difference in our beef.


Healthy and humane beef production


Lee Pratt beef is committed to humane handling of livestock throughout the supply chain.


It is an ethical responsibility but we also know that it produces a superior end product for the consumer.


Our beef producers manage their livestock according to the current best practice guidelines for animal welfare, the Australian Livestock Processing Industry Animal Welfare Certification System (AAWCS).


Our beef producers who have a thorough understanding of best practices monitor animal welfare from their farms to Est. 239 for processing.


In addition, Lee Pratt Beef is certified according to a number of livestock industry grading and accreditation programs.

We work with producers who demonstrate safe, sustainable livestock production practices.
And we think you can taste the difference in our beef.